Enter your plans for happy hour, lunch, dinner

-even catering & delivery- and bars/restaurants will bid on YOU!  It's free, so why go out any other way?


Looking for better ways to connect with groups of people?  Want to attract new customers with a more intimate approach? Forget coupons and mailers. Let WythMe drive traffic to your business using new technologies that connect you one-on-one with customers looking for places just like yours! 

How's it work?

  • WythMe users submit custom plans with a date / time, number of people, an area they'd like to go, and other optional descriptors.

  • Our platform analyzes the request in real-time and routes it to you, if you are a match.

  • You simply click the offer option you prefer (your standard offer, a custom offer, or no offer) to respond to the customer.

  • When the customer selects you, you are sent a notification with their information that confirms their reservation.

  • Finally, when the customer arrives with their party, simply redeem the offer you made. And that's it!

WM PRO TIP:  If a request comes in shortly before an event time, don't worry! WythMe's platform can automatically match your pre-defined preferences to requests that are submitted, getting you in front of customers even when you don't have time to respond.





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