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Enter your plans for happy hour, lunch, dinner

-even catering & delivery- and bars/restaurants will bid on YOU!  It's free, so why go out any other way?



Enter the details of your plans, including date/time, location, and type such as drinks, dinner, or catering.  Optionally, enter additional details such as rating, cuisine, or other parameters to match your request with participating WythMe locations.  Submit and wait for the offers to roll in!



As restaurants and bars review your request, they will respond with offers that may include dollar discounts, percentage discounts, or other custom rewards.  Swipe through the offers and hit accept for the one you like best!



With your offer locked in, all you need to do is show up at the location on the prescribed date and time with your group. Simply show your phone to your server or bartender to redeem your offer. Enjoy!

WythMe Now Check In Interface




Looking for better ways to connect with groups of people?  Want to attract new customers with a more intimate approach? Forget coupons and mailers. Let WythMe drive traffic to your business using new technologies that connect you one-on-one with customers looking for places just like yours! 

How's it work?

  • WythMe users submit custom plans with a date / time, number of people, an area they'd like to go, and other optional descriptors.

  • Our platform analyzes the request in real-time and routes it to you, if you are a match.

  • You simply click the offer option you prefer (your standard offer, a custom offer, or no offer) to respond to the customer.

  • When the customer selects you, you are sent a notification with their information that confirms their reservation.

  • Finally, when the customer arrives with their party, simply redeem the offer you made. And that's it!

WM PRO TIP:  If a request comes in shortly before an event time, don't worry! WythMe's platform can automatically match your pre-defined preferences to requests that are submitted, getting you in front of customers even when you don't have time to respond.



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WythMe was launched in early 2016 with the goal of connecting restaurants & bars with customers in a more efficient and mutually beneficial manner. In this short time, we have added thousands of locations across the country and even several internationally. We are continuing to grow and expand the platform to enhance the relationship between our network locations and users.
WythMe was founded by Tim Keough, a serial entrepreneur that has built multiple successful technology companies over the last 20 years. With a team of industry and technology experts, WythMe is poised to continue innovating in the restaurant industry adding value to both businesses and customers.
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