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Calling all interns!

In August 2017, WythMe launched its WythMe Internship Initiative (WII) as a way to support current students pursuing higher education, find new talent, and develop those on the forefront of technology into potential long-term employees.

About us: Launched in 2016, WythMe introduced a unique reverse-auction platform for bars and restaurants that hit the market with instant success. We quickly grew out of our base location in the DC-metro area and expanded our reach nationwide, with a few locations abroad as well. While our team remains centered around Arlington VA, WythMe partners can be found across the US.

Our team: We maintain our headquarters in Virginia, but both current and past employees have operated from locations across the US, and even in other countries! We have a small team of developers currently, and have recently begun a hiring push to grow our permanent team (see Careers). Interns will be working closely with team members across the company as we continue to build and deliver new product/capabilities to the market.

WII: After multiple requests from students studying technology, we opted to introduce WII as a way to accommodate those who wanted start-up experience, but couldn't dedicate full-time hours. Internships under WII are unpaid to start, but those who complete the program may be offered full-time employment upon completion/graduation, at which point they would be compensated in line with our salary packages. We are looking for interns with the following skills, or any combination thereof:

  • UX/UI/Design Experience

  • Frontend Development

  • Backend Development

  • Knowledge of:

    • MongoDB

    • Javascript

    • NodeJS

    • PhoneGap

    • React

    • React Native

    • Others listed in the Careers Page

  • Social Media Development/Coordination​

  • Any skills you feel would benefit a fast-growing start-up

About the program:

  • Interns will work members across our team as they grow and develop new skills

  • Hours are flexible, depending on class schedule. However, as we are located on the East Coast, some overlap with normal business hours is preferred. Ability to work independently when needed is essential

  • Interns will work in a fast-paced, small team environment

  • US candidates highly preferred. We cannot provide visas, student or otherwise

  • Fluency in English required

  • Excellent written/oral communication skills highly preferred

Program benefits:

  • Potential for permanent hire

  • Excellent experience with emerging technologies/start-ups

  • Potential for travel

  • If your school offers credit for internships, we will gladly work with them to meet the requirements

Interested in becoming a WythMe Intern? Please complete the following:

  1. Send your resume to with the subject "Internship"

  2. In your email, please briefly describe your skills and preferred role

  3. Tell us what you'd like to get out of the program

  4. Tell us your availability (start date, end date, how many hours/week you can dedicate)

  5. Download the WythMe app. In your email, please give two suggestions on how you would make it better if you were accepted to the program


*By submitting an application for any position, both the Applicant and WythMe LLC agree to our Mutual Commitment to Hiring Excellence. 

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