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Offers: How They Work, and A Few Suggestions

1. Standard Offer: Initially*, this is defaulted to a randomized dollar discount no greater than $2.50/customer. I.e. should you select this option for a group of ten (10), the customer would receive an offer of no more than $25 off for the group.


*Your Standard Offer can be changed at any time by contacting us. And it doesn’t have to be a dollar amount if you’d prefer something else. Whatever you can imagine as a Standard Offer, we can make it happen.


2. Custom Offer: Selecting this offer will take you to a page where you can offer literally anything you want! Examples may be: $10 off, 15% discount, a reserved room, a table on the patio, free hugs from the manager… if you can think of it, you can offer it. You may also add stipulations such as: “Guests must meet a $XX food/beverage minimum”, “All guests must be over 21”, etc. Again, these are totally at your discretion.


3. I Don’t Want These Customers: If for any reason you are unable to host this group (or simply don't want to), you may choose this option. And don't worry; they won't know you made this selection.


Notification: Selecting one of the first two offers will automatically send your offer to the customer for review. They will see it both in-app as well as receive a copy via email.


When a customer selects you from their offers, this establishes their reservation. You will then be provided the customer’s contact information should you prefer to reach out. And that’s it!


Bidding Better: Some Tips


You don’t have to use them, but we’ve found these suggestions to get better interaction.


1. Customize your Standard Offer, or only use it when you’re super busy. Since it’s defaulted to $2.50/person, changing it up to something different will get you a higher consideration rate.


2. Be unique! Standing out from the crowd is the best way to get noticed. The more unique your offer, the more likely a customer will choose it. Are you a 4-star restaurant? Try offering a meet-and-greet with the chef! Proud of your beer selection? Maybe offer the group a flight to try. This is your canvas, paint away!


3. Tailor, tailor, tailor. The email you receive will give you information on the group. Chances are that a bachelorette party won’t respond to the same offer as a company lunch. So try to send offers that would appeal to your target, and your response rate will be higher.


4. Be prompt. Today’s consumers have short attention spans; when they see something they want, they’ll grab it. So get your offer in quickly! The sooner they see your offer, the more likely it will be selected.


And of course, ask questions! We’re here to help. We want to send you as much business as possible, so let us know your concerns.


We hope this guide was helpful. Now let’s start getting you some new business today!

Every time a group submits a plan through the WythMe platform and your business matches their criteria, you’ll get an email that looks like the email pictured​.

The purpose of this email is to give you details of the group's submission, and to allow you a chance to respond as generically or as uniquely as you’d like, or not respond at all. You’re provided with three (3) options for response:

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